Dell is an accomplished actor, a musician and composer, and an expert on fitness, health and nutrition. He has crystallized his eclectic interests into his current role as a motivator and positive force for change.
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A seasoned actor with decades of training and success in film and television including feature film and network television series, Howard brings an eclectic mix of special skills from athletics, to hosting to a wide variety of accents and more.
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Howard’s vocal range, ready wit and transcending charm captivate sold-out audiences and garner rave reviews.
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AA nationally ranked decathlete, professional football player, Olympian and sprint hurdler.
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HowardA has trained world class, professional and amateur athletes in football, basketball, track and field, golf and tennis and has been doing so for the past 18 years.
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Howard Dell

EntertainerA | Athlete | Inspirational Speaker | Athletic Trainer
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